Sunday, March 13, 2011

MOG MOB/ Flower girl dresses.

The last 2 weeks allowed me to find the MOB and the MOG dress. They both managed to find a dress they liked at the bridal shop I found my wedding dress at. My mom selected a short dress and jacket set that I wasant super fond of but she really liked it so that was fine. She's super in love with it.

The MOG selected a stunning long dress with matching jacket. I knew it was the dress for her the second she walked out of the change room she just carried herself different and had a huge smile on.

I managed to find a flower girl dress for a whole 18$. Costco had 4 styles of stunning little girl dresses. The green in the dress is a bit off so we bought some fabric to change the sash on it and the trim on the dress. Its polka dotted and super cute.

The bridesmaids are going to order thier dresses by April first!

Everythings going so fast!

To DO list:

Put an announcment in paper now that engagement photos are done
Nail down wording for invitation. ** Almost done.
Purchase jars for favors
Give list to moms for people to contact for mailing address.
Vist wine shop
Sign contract for cake.
Figure out first dance.