Sunday, April 3, 2011

Busy day

This morning Pat and I headed out to my dads for a family breakfast. After we headed to my aunts house to see what I could round up from my cousins wedding last summer.

I ended up finding a antique bird cage were useing to put cards in. A TON of old mason sealers. like 4 giant boxes full. 2 Shoeboxes full of all the of decorative rocks. Twenty or so square candle holders. I also saw an old window my aunt is going to put a new pane of glass in and were going to put the menu on it.

Tommorow the yard work out at my dads starts. He has a wheel barrow and rakes and shovels ready for me to start pulling all the gravel off the lawn. Hopefully I can put a big dent in it.

Its been a fantastic week wedding wise! Were really looking forward to it.

Any ideas for games during the reception ? No dice games! Its been over done in our family!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wedding gifts

So we have started receiving some wedding gifts. Pats great grandmother bought us a new mattress and boxspring. Its a monster. We picked it out but never realized how tall it is. Its a monster.

Anyway things are going well with the wedding.

We managed to get a mock up of our invites and only require some minor changes. They are a beauty!

Anyway i'm off to visit the Maid of Honor and the Best man!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

MOG MOB/ Flower girl dresses.

The last 2 weeks allowed me to find the MOB and the MOG dress. They both managed to find a dress they liked at the bridal shop I found my wedding dress at. My mom selected a short dress and jacket set that I wasant super fond of but she really liked it so that was fine. She's super in love with it.

The MOG selected a stunning long dress with matching jacket. I knew it was the dress for her the second she walked out of the change room she just carried herself different and had a huge smile on.

I managed to find a flower girl dress for a whole 18$. Costco had 4 styles of stunning little girl dresses. The green in the dress is a bit off so we bought some fabric to change the sash on it and the trim on the dress. Its polka dotted and super cute.

The bridesmaids are going to order thier dresses by April first!

Everythings going so fast!

To DO list:

Put an announcment in paper now that engagement photos are done
Nail down wording for invitation. ** Almost done.
Purchase jars for favors
Give list to moms for people to contact for mailing address.
Vist wine shop
Sign contract for cake.
Figure out first dance.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Deposits have been given on my dress and veil, 1000$ photography, 500$ catering and rentals from franz's 500$. I'm meeting with the DJ tommorow night and owe them a 150$ deposit. The florist has agreed to hold our date for us without a deposit untill this week as they were waaaay to busy this week to even go in there with Valentines day. So now that the love craze has passed I can drop off a 100$ deposit to them tommorow.

Were sitting at about 150 invited guests, Dj, photographers, minister for dinner. With 51 mailed invites.

We purchased our invitations and they have made thier way to Meg in Toronto. My girls have picked thier dresses which was super easy.

yaaaah everythings moving along well!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Invitations & photography!

So I was debating on where to start blogging wedding wise so I figured I would start with invitations!

My cousin got married last summer and her awesome friend made them for her. Were going with the standard box set from Micheals. Theres a black and green theme one we like. Anyway this girl that made my cousin's in fantastic! She offered to make ours for her at cost! So basically ink. Shes going to typeset and design them for us! (Shes into graphic design)! Then print them at cost for us! Shes doing the invitaton, reply card and map for us! Then we go pick them up and assemble them here and mail those puppys out! Were planning on waiting for them to either go on sale or useing the 40% off or 50% off coupons and buying them untill we have enough. I'll basically be able to buy 2 really nice boxsets with ribbon with the coupon for 50$! score! Then a cartridge of ink! 60$ score!!! Plus gas to pick them up in Toronto! SCORE!!!

Anyway. Invitation wise thats where were at! Look forward to more posts!!

We managed to snag this AWESOME photographer who had a cancellation! We are pumped to do engagement photos with her! We met Friday night and felt like it was an awesome fit! Were heading out to the lake to do engagement photos on the family day weekend! Wahoo! More soon!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


A lot has changed in the wedding world for us.

We went from thinking on getting married in Sept 2012 to Getting married on Sept 10 2011. OR 09/10/11 !!! WOW!!

Sunday night we decided to not use a tent but to use a new barn my dad built only a couple of years ago. This changed everything. Look forward to lots of posts coming up!

This week has litterly been a complete whirlwind.
Sunday night- Picked Sept 2011.
Monday - Confirmed date with Catering company. Visited with my aunt and picked her brain and looked after a bunch of little details. Looked through dress books with the MOG
Tuesday-Emailed questions out for possiable, DJ's, cakes, invitations and a request to be married to our minister- Made appointment to go look at dress/ picked through thr racks to find 5 I liked.
Wednesday- Booked Minister/ Cake maker
Thursday-Booked tenatively with DJ- Subject to change. ** Long story**
Friday- Booked tentatively with Photographer. Dress Appointment. I tried on 4 dresses a veil and a bunch of tears later I knew I found my dress.

So apparently according to everyone i've talked to thats the fastest they have seen anyone plan a wedding. I was just lucky that I knew where we were getting married and who was going to do the food. I also knew who we wanted to make our cake.

Next week I have appoinments with the florist on Monday. The Catering company on Tuesday and were meeting with the photographer on Wednesday. I'm still waiting to hear back from the invitations maker.

Anyway look forward to a ton of upcoming posts!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Lets turn the focus to the MOG * Mother of the groom. I'm truely blessed I really am that I am going to have a fantastic mother in law.

We had dinner with Pats family on Sunday night! Her biggest advice for the wedding was to invite whomever you want. Dont feel pressured to invite anyone you might not want there. To pick who ever you want to be in the bridal party. No pressure to put the brothers in. To enjoy every minute of it,

She was curious if I have been looking for dresses yet. Lets face it, we watched waaay to many hours of say yes to the dress together. So she has offered to take me all over North America to find that perfect dress.

Not gonna lie i'm prolly going to find a bridesmaid dress I like, order it in white add a sash, a veil and call it a day. Like come on i'm getting married in a hayfield. I'm a country girl.