Sunday, April 3, 2011

Busy day

This morning Pat and I headed out to my dads for a family breakfast. After we headed to my aunts house to see what I could round up from my cousins wedding last summer.

I ended up finding a antique bird cage were useing to put cards in. A TON of old mason sealers. like 4 giant boxes full. 2 Shoeboxes full of all the of decorative rocks. Twenty or so square candle holders. I also saw an old window my aunt is going to put a new pane of glass in and were going to put the menu on it.

Tommorow the yard work out at my dads starts. He has a wheel barrow and rakes and shovels ready for me to start pulling all the gravel off the lawn. Hopefully I can put a big dent in it.

Its been a fantastic week wedding wise! Were really looking forward to it.

Any ideas for games during the reception ? No dice games! Its been over done in our family!

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