Monday, February 14, 2011


Deposits have been given on my dress and veil, 1000$ photography, 500$ catering and rentals from franz's 500$. I'm meeting with the DJ tommorow night and owe them a 150$ deposit. The florist has agreed to hold our date for us without a deposit untill this week as they were waaaay to busy this week to even go in there with Valentines day. So now that the love craze has passed I can drop off a 100$ deposit to them tommorow.

Were sitting at about 150 invited guests, Dj, photographers, minister for dinner. With 51 mailed invites.

We purchased our invitations and they have made thier way to Meg in Toronto. My girls have picked thier dresses which was super easy.

yaaaah everythings moving along well!!!

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