Sunday, February 6, 2011

Invitations & photography!

So I was debating on where to start blogging wedding wise so I figured I would start with invitations!

My cousin got married last summer and her awesome friend made them for her. Were going with the standard box set from Micheals. Theres a black and green theme one we like. Anyway this girl that made my cousin's in fantastic! She offered to make ours for her at cost! So basically ink. Shes going to typeset and design them for us! (Shes into graphic design)! Then print them at cost for us! Shes doing the invitaton, reply card and map for us! Then we go pick them up and assemble them here and mail those puppys out! Were planning on waiting for them to either go on sale or useing the 40% off or 50% off coupons and buying them untill we have enough. I'll basically be able to buy 2 really nice boxsets with ribbon with the coupon for 50$! score! Then a cartridge of ink! 60$ score!!! Plus gas to pick them up in Toronto! SCORE!!!

Anyway. Invitation wise thats where were at! Look forward to more posts!!

We managed to snag this AWESOME photographer who had a cancellation! We are pumped to do engagement photos with her! We met Friday night and felt like it was an awesome fit! Were heading out to the lake to do engagement photos on the family day weekend! Wahoo! More soon!

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