Sunday, January 30, 2011


A lot has changed in the wedding world for us.

We went from thinking on getting married in Sept 2012 to Getting married on Sept 10 2011. OR 09/10/11 !!! WOW!!

Sunday night we decided to not use a tent but to use a new barn my dad built only a couple of years ago. This changed everything. Look forward to lots of posts coming up!

This week has litterly been a complete whirlwind.
Sunday night- Picked Sept 2011.
Monday - Confirmed date with Catering company. Visited with my aunt and picked her brain and looked after a bunch of little details. Looked through dress books with the MOG
Tuesday-Emailed questions out for possiable, DJ's, cakes, invitations and a request to be married to our minister- Made appointment to go look at dress/ picked through thr racks to find 5 I liked.
Wednesday- Booked Minister/ Cake maker
Thursday-Booked tenatively with DJ- Subject to change. ** Long story**
Friday- Booked tentatively with Photographer. Dress Appointment. I tried on 4 dresses a veil and a bunch of tears later I knew I found my dress.

So apparently according to everyone i've talked to thats the fastest they have seen anyone plan a wedding. I was just lucky that I knew where we were getting married and who was going to do the food. I also knew who we wanted to make our cake.

Next week I have appoinments with the florist on Monday. The Catering company on Tuesday and were meeting with the photographer on Wednesday. I'm still waiting to hear back from the invitations maker.

Anyway look forward to a ton of upcoming posts!!

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