Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Lets turn the focus to the MOG * Mother of the groom. I'm truely blessed I really am that I am going to have a fantastic mother in law.

We had dinner with Pats family on Sunday night! Her biggest advice for the wedding was to invite whomever you want. Dont feel pressured to invite anyone you might not want there. To pick who ever you want to be in the bridal party. No pressure to put the brothers in. To enjoy every minute of it,

She was curious if I have been looking for dresses yet. Lets face it, we watched waaay to many hours of say yes to the dress together. So she has offered to take me all over North America to find that perfect dress.

Not gonna lie i'm prolly going to find a bridesmaid dress I like, order it in white add a sash, a veil and call it a day. Like come on i'm getting married in a hayfield. I'm a country girl.

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