Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Telling our family!

Christmas day in my family is well, exhausting to say the least. A VERY long list of houses, breakfast, lunch and dinners X2.

Patrick and I decided not to do the call around to our families.. We were on our way to see them anyway! We may aswell tell them in person.

First stop was the grooms parents house: (We really should have told my dad first but we were going there 2nd). Plus Patrick had asked him!

So we arrive at the grooms parents house who had offered to watch the dog for the day for us. (We had all ready had christmas with them on Christmas Eve at our home)!
We got out of the car got the dog inside. I really had no idea how to tell them. They came into the kitchen and I still had my mittens on. I decided to just take my mits off and show the MOG. My awesome future Mother in law basically tackled me in a hug to the wall! She had no idea it was coming! She was very excited! She has no daughters so she is very excited about me! :)

The FOG, I think knew it was coming. Him and the groom do work together and made the joke about the little thing in a big box as he was leaving work with the box my sign was wrapped in. Hes very excited! The first of his boys to get married!

We then got back in the car and settled into the drive out to the father of the brides house.

Arriving at the home of the father of the bride and my brothers house! We had a car load of presents to unload. So I loaded up my arms honked the horn and headed in the house! I dropped my present load under the tree. My brothers were still in bed and my dad was in the kitchen cooking the turkey for tonights big family dinner.

I walked over to my dad, Mits and jacket still on gave him a kiss on the check said Merry Christmas and thank you! He asked for what with a big smile on his face. I pulled off my mittens to show him my ring. He gave me a big hug a wink and walked over to the top of the stairs to yell at my brothers to get out of bed and upstairs. Patrick and I headed back outside to continue to unload the jeep.

My brothers came upstairs and it turns out they were expecting it. They had been home when Patrick came over to ask my dad if he could marry me! They just werent part of the conversation. But they knew something was up.

Once My brothers were upstairs and we were opening stockings dad called us all over to the kitchen where he had a bottle of champagne chilling. Now my dad isnt a drinker so for him to go buy a bottle of champagne is a big deal! Dad poured some bubbly and made a toast to our family and to Patrick and I! I cried AGAIN!!!

The FOB suggest going over to my aunt and uncles house and telling them before lunch with my mom. I'm sure they knew the second we pulled in the driveway what was up as we usually dont see them till dinner that night. We managed to tell them and all of thier kids and husbands/ wives/ grandchild! We are very close with this part of my family. When my mom left when I was a kid my aunt and uncle really stepped up to the plate. My aunt who is very VERY VERY into rings. Was very impressed with my ring! SCORE!

We then ventured onto my moms house. My mom left my dad when I was in grade 7. So I never had a good relationship with her. I tried, it just didnt work. We walked into my moms house. Wished her Merry Christmas and told her the news and I got a "Oh, that's nice". Really MOM???? I just told you i'm getting married and you said "oh, that's nice)! ???? REALLY. Not that I expected anything else. This women gave up her wedding dress shopping rights years ago.

***Sorry to all the moms who might read this that I just crushed.*******

We had lunch with her and ventured back to my dad house.
There was an afternoon dinner with Patricks side of the family that we decided to skip... Way to much driving.

So the FOB and I settled into the kitchen to cook and clean up the house for the afternoon!

Family started to show up bit by bit and we settled into dinner untill everyone got there. Theres over 50 people at our family dinner so we just start eating and eat in shifts. Some of my uncles farm so parts of my family show up later due to chores.

So bit by bit all night we tell our story! Lets face it my family was figureing it would happen sooner rather then later. We've been living together for a few years and own a home together.

So thats the full story on how we told our family. We continued to drop in on family and friends to tell them before we put it out on facebook that we were engaged! Our family and close friends have a right to know first!

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