Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Proposal.

Its December 25th Christmas Day 2010.

I get out of bed, turn on the christmas tree lights and the lights on the garland down the bannister. Morning light was just starting to come through the windows. Start the coffee brewing and crawl back into bed with Patrick.

We crawled back out of bed and made our way out to the living room. After some coffee we settled into opening stockings. Then into presents. I made Patrick open his present from Santa first. The board game life. Of course!!! We finished opening our presents and all that was left was my big present.

Patrick had said all week that my big present gets opened last. I wondered over to the tree with my coffee and went to pull the present over to the couch. I realized how heavy it was and was afraid of scratching the floors. I ripped the wrapping paper off and found a big peice of duct tape over the top flaps. I ripped off the duct tape and opened the 4 flaps. I put my hands up to my mouth unable to breath and turned around.

There was Patrick with my ring! ( There was a sign in the box that said Marry Me? ) I started to cry and choke right up. Hands still over my face. He walked towards me and asked me still holding the ring box if I wanted to put it on. I couldant even talk. He started to put the ring on my finger and all I could choke out was..... I havant even said yes yet! (What I was thinking ??? Right I wasant. Just living in the moment!) I then choked out a YES and jumped on him with the ring on my finger!

Its an absolute beauty of an engagement ring. He knew I liked the trinity style rings. Solitaire diamond rings just look silly on my short and stubby fingers. I just dont have those long piano player style fingers.

We spent the next 2 days driving around telling family and friends.

Look forward to the next post about how my family re-acted!

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